Your lesson schedule is determined together with your instructor. Together, you will choose 35 lessons to occur between September 2016  and June 2017. That allows several weeks for holidays, vacations, appointments, or performances. We feel this open schedule allows for more flexibility on the part of every family no matter where attend school as breaks and days off are not consistent.


TUITION – 2016-2017

Our instructors are independent and have set their fees and policies specifically. Depending on the teacher, our private lessons are between $110.00-116.00 per month for 30 minute lesson, $164.00–175.00 per month for 45 minute lesson. One-hour lessons are also available.

  • Tuition is due on or before the first lesson each month. Unpaid tuition will result in suspended lessons after ten days lateness.
  • We accept VISA, Discover or Master Card.  To make it super easy and convenient we will up automatic monthly payments for your tuition.
  • For more information and to schedule free consultation, contact Director, Helen Peterson or call 952-412-0265


SUMMER LESSONS:  We are happy to customize your summer lessons understanding that the summer months are often full of travel, camps and other adventures.  We recommend that students take at least 6 lessons over the course of the summer to hold their skills steady.  Whatever your schedules allow we will invoice accordingly.

A student can begin lessons at ANYTIME during the year!


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