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Introducing Melissa Mogan, our new flute teacher.  Melissa is a graduate of Burnsville High school and  went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from  the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Whether you’ve decided that now is the time to begin private flute instruction, or you’re looking to start down the road, there are some great ways to help your child prepare for private flute instruction! Here are three great tips!
Attend live music events and listen to recordings of flute music
There are many community events that are age appropriate for your child, such as Minnesota Sinfonia concerts, which always welcome children and are FREE   What better way to get your child excited for flute lessons?   In between concerts, listen to recordings of flute music in the car, or look for videos of flutists on YouTube. Some of my favorites are Alexa StillJeanne BaxtresserEmmanuel Pahud, and Mathieu Dufour.
Prepare an area for practicing!
Practicing is a huge part of learning a musical instrument, and designing a dedicated area in your home can be easy and fun!  Designating a specific practice area underscores the importance of practicing, and provides a distraction-free zone for your budding flutist.  All you need is a music stand, good lighting, and a chair.  A desk or dining room chair works best, and a small stool on the floor can be helpful to keep little legs from swinging. Add some pencils and a mirror, and the practice zone is ready!
Read books about flute
There are many age appropriate books about the flute for your budding performer. Some of my favorites are “The Magic Flute: An Opera by Mozart” and “Fiona the Flute Fairy.” Check out the website “Flute Monkey” for more suggestions!
We thank  Pam Murchison, who teaches flute  with our friends in Pittsburgh at Kathy’s Music, LLC for this great article and advice!

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This is a wonderful article/info-graphic about the profound effect music has on learning.  As our kids are heading back to school consider how adding MUSIC could be a joyful and pleasant way to smooth the transition, and make the learning stick! Read more

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