Song Writing

iHave a song – Song Writing Course

This 4 week course will give you what it takes to bring your song to life.  
Week 1 – Get started with chord progressions and lyrics
Week 2 – Form and structure elements of great songs
Week 3 – Focus on Melody and lyrics of your song
Week 4 – Putting it all together and performing your song.

iRecord – Producing your own song using Garage Band

This 4 week course teaches how to produce your music with garage band.
Week 1 – Setting up a session and creating a basic track
Week 2 – Using midi instrument within garage band
Week 3 – Adding Live instruments to your recording
Week 4 – Mixing and producing


Tucker BWTucker Peterson  is a Guitar Performance graduate from  McNally Smith College of Music.  At McNally Smith he studied a vast array of contemporary styles and techniques, playing in ensembles as varied as hip hop, classic country, jazz, Funky New Orleans Blues, and Heavy Metal.   Tucker is also well versed in music technology and songwriting.  He produced Better Together’s Christmas Album, as well as their forth coming EP.  Tucker offers guitar instruction in addition to the following composition programs at MN Valley Conservatory.



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